The Saga of my #Lost(GhanaMustGo)Bag

Travel is often difficult. It is made even more so when the carrier responsible for transporting you, your loved ones and your luggage loses any one of those entities. (My brother was one lost for 36 hours while flying as an unaccompanied minor on KLM when he was 6.)

Fortunately, none of my children found themselves misplaced during our transit between Atlanta and South Africa, but the airline(s) DID manage to lose the ONLY bag containing ALL of my shoes, my First Lady hat, my pale blue pashmina, my Blue Magic, my wide tooth combs AND my professional grade flat irons. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my shoes.

I am DISTRAUGHT…but I’m trying to keep my head up and be a “strong Black woman” and a “soldier for Christ”. (Really, all I want to do is go to Heathrow and sort through their luggage hull and find my bloody bag myself. If that’s an option, someone please let me know! )

I have been chronicling my pain for posterity. Meanwhile, both Virgin Atlantic and South African Airways have adopted a policy of ignorance or nonchalance where my plight is concerned. I can’t tell you which, because they won’t answer me. I don’t know how this tale is going to end as I am sure there are more acts to follow, but take a few minutes to entertain yourself as you click these links and catch up on The Saga of the #LostBag in 4 Acts!:

Act 1


Act 2


Act 3


Act 4



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